Wednesday, 20 April 2011

tired and damaged

İngiltere'den gelen eşyalarım arasında Xena box set'im de vardı. Eski sevgilim uyuzluğuna kesin DVD'lerin bir kısmını kaybetmiştir diye düşündüğümden açıp bakmamıştım aylardır, sonunda baktım, ve hiç eksik yok. Mutlu oldum.

Sezon 5 - 1. Bölüm
"Fallen Angel"

Cursed, the bright angel fell, and as it plummeted, its wings grew dark
and tarnished.

Upon the ground, tired and damaged, it tried to stand and ascend
again, but there was no sunlight to feed it and the mud and grime lay
too heavy on its wings.

For the longest time, it struggled valiantly to shake its burden and to
soar once more, but the mire could not be moved, and in time, with
too little to sustain it, the angel grew weary and could do no more.

Spirit broken, it wrapped its wings around itself for warmth, and
alone in its dark place, it grew wretched.

A shaft of light fell upon the angel and it stirred.

Though it still could not move, slowly the grime that lay heavy on its
wings began to dry, and as it did, so the weight became lighter
until the dirt crumbled and fell like dust.

A voice lilting and soft spoke, called out, speaking that it was time.

The angel took courage and, rising to a knee, stretched first one,
then the other wing, extending them out as far as was possible.

It felt the light nurture and feed it.

Now standing, its strength returned, in one fluid graceful movement,
the angel arched its neck and looking upward, flew.

It was going home.

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